Therapy from a Christian Perspective
Every therapist has a world view that informs the work that he or she does.  Before starting therapy, you should feel free to inquire as to what core values and ethical standards form the foundation of your doctor's approach to psychotherapy.   

Dr. Veurink subscribes to a Christian value system and Christian ethics.  He approaches therapy with a frame of mind that holds to the value of human life and the family systems that nurture life.  Where his Christian values may explicitly affect his role as your therapist, Dr. Veurink will clarify this with you in the session.  However, the implications of his Christian world view may also extend to the values and the ethics implicit in his work.  This is explored in the following paragraphs.

Dr. Veurink holds to the infinite value of the human soul.  This means that he thinks you are someone who is worthy of unqualified respect. The unconditional, positive regard that Dr. Veurink will extend to you lays the groundwork for the personal safety necessary for trust to develop in the therapeutic relationship.

Dr. Veurink also maintains that the social structures that support the individual's health and welfare are critically important; especially the family.  He believes it is important to consider the welfare of both you and your immediate family in establishing treatment goals. 

Dr. Veurink will attempt to be present with you as you move forward in the treatment regardless of the nature of your struggle.  He believes the therapeutic enterprise is rooted in grace that is extended to the patient. This grace is an attitude that is as free as possible from judgment and open to the possibility of future change. 

Psychotherapy emphasizes personal responsibility because it is intrinsic to mature living.  Dr. Veurink believes that mature, responsible living can only develop in an atmosphere of moral freedom.  He will respect your freedom to make moral choices for your life.  He will work in collaboration with you to clarify moral dilemmas before important decisions are made. 

Dr. Veurink will strive to prevent his values from intruding into the process in a manner that may be unwelcomed by you.  He only asks that your dilemmas are brought into the treatment before decisive action is taken so that your life is lived out thoughtfully. This is critical to the therapeutic process.

Do you feel that therapy conducted from a Christian perspective might be a good fit for you? Contact Dr. Veurink to set up an initial appointment.