Individual psychotherapy is face-to-face treatment for problems that are relational and/or mental in nature. Therapy is conducted by a professionally trained person who can engage you in a relationship that will foster your personal growth and development while also providing a degree of relief of your suffering. This might include treatment for patterns of unsatisfying relationships that you are engaged in, emotional distress you suffer, maladaptive behavioral patterns you find yourself unwittingly repeating, crippling mental illness, existential anxieties that may arise during certain seasons of your life, or even your spiritual concerns. 

Two foundational aspects of psychotherapy are respect for the patient and mutual trust.  While Dr. Veurink will respect you from the outset of treatment, he recognizes that a basic trust between you and him will develop gradually as the treatment progresses.  Trust develops as the patient feels understood and known by the therapist.  It is also the natural result of the patient getting to know the therapist – and realizing that the relationship is safe enough to risk disclosure of personal problems.

The psychotherapy process seeks to address underlying causes of symptoms that may interfere with your ability to function socially or disrupt your sense of well-being as an individual. A primary goal of psychotherapy is to develop new patterns of thought and behavior that foster maturation and the achievement of your personal goals.

Psychotherapy can involve a range of interventions; from Biblical guidance to psychoanalytic therapy, from a cognitive/behavioral approach to client-centered counseling -- and even psychoanalysis.  Dr. Veurink’s training is comprehensive and includes a broad range of treatment modalities with a specialty in psychoanalytic treatment. He will gladly discuss with you what treatment options might be most appropriate to your individual situation. 

Psychotherapy commonly requires one or more sessions per week.  The duration of the treatment depends upon the problems you present and the method of treatment that is indicated.  You are encouraged to discuss these matters with Dr. Veurink at the outset of your therapy.

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