The Intake Process
What happens in the first session?   The initial session is an opportunity for you and Dr. Veurink to get to know one another.  The first step is to fill out some required paperwork. This will include a statement of informed consent which formalizes your agreement with him to proceed with treatment.  Then Dr. Veurink will discuss with you your reason for making an appointment.
A main goal of the initial session is to set a tentative agenda for your treatment.  Based upon what you share with him, Dr. Veurink will summarize what he believes are the problems that need to be addressed in the therapy.  If you agree with his assessment, he will discuss with you the nature of the treatment that may be necessary to treat those problems.  You and Dr. Veurink will establish some general goals for your treatment and Dr. Veurink will answer any pertinent questions you may have. 
The frequency of your sessions and the cost of treatment will be addressed.  If possible, a schedule of appointment times will also be established at this time.  Please allow ninety minutes for this evaluation and be prepared to make an initial payment of two hundred twenty dollars at the time of service.
What happens next?   You will begin meeting with Dr. Veurink at your agreed appointment times.  Normally, your sessions will be forty-five minutes in length.  The first few sessions may be structured with questions related to your health, medications, personal and family histories, etc.  The discussions in following sessions will likely be more free-ranging. 
The regularity of your scheduled appointments and your consistent attendance are very important to the success of your treatment.  This will require both you and Dr. Veurink to set aside time accordingly.  Once you have agreed upon a schedule of appointments, you will be charged for each appointment regardless of attendance.
How do I initiate this intake process?  Please go to the “Getting Started” link on the menu and fill in the contact form provided.  Then hit the submit button to send the information to Dr. Veurink.  Dr. Veurink or his secretary will contact you as soon as possible to set an appointment for the initial session.